Making a blog post

Click on “Latest News Blog”

Click on “+”

Enter Post Title (Videos: use “Our latest Stylized Video” (if it’s stylized))

  • News

    • Content

      • In the Text Block, start writing your news.

      • Above the Text Block, add an Image Block

      • Image>Content

        • Drag an image into the “Upload an Image” area

        • Click Apply

    • Save & Publish

  • Videos

    • Content

      • In the Text Block, use normal font, left justified

      • Type in Date of video, Artist - Song - “Group” or “Tamarr” or other info

      • Make sure video is posted on YouTube or other video hosting site

      • Take screen shot of video & crop background excess out

      • Add Video Block under Text Block

      • Type/paste in video url

      • Add screenshot of video to “Add a Custom Thumbnail”

      • Make sure “Use Custom Thumbnail” is checked

      • Do not display caption

      • Save

      • Add a Text Block under the Video Block

      • Add in “check out all our videos in the [video gallery]” (you can cut and paste this text as it will preserve the link to the video gallery)

      • Copy the video info text (Date of video, Artist - Song - “Group” or “Tamarr” or other info…)

      • Go to Options tab

    • Options

      • Be sure there is a Thumbnail image

      • Paste the info you copied from the Content page into the Excerpt area

    • Save & Publish